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    382382<p>The HW registers and send message parameters (message and GSOP) is parametrizable if
    383383they will be preceded by <code>@</code> (example: <code>hwreg(@5, 8, 16)</code>).</p>
    384 <h3>GPR indexing mode (GCN 1.2)</h3>
    385 <p>The GCN 1.2 introduces the GPR indexing mode that facilitate usage of indexing in VGPR's.
    386 The bit 27 in MODE register indicates whether this mode is enabled.
    387 The M0 register holds index and mode of GPR indexing. If this mode will be enabled
    388 then this index will be added to index of specified VGPR used in vector instruction.
    389 The mode specifies to which operand of vector instruction GPR index will be added.
    390 If sum of GPR index and VGPR register index beyond last available VGPR register or
    391 this is not a VGPR register (SGPR or other), then operand register will be substituted by
    392 V0 register.</p>
    393 <p>The lowest 8 bits of M0 register holds the GPR index. The 12-15 bits holds GPR indexing mode.
    394 The GPR indexing mode bits table:</p>
    395 <table>
    396 <thead>
    397 <tr>
    398 <th>Bit</th>
    399 <th>Description</th>
    400 </tr>
    401 </thead>
    402 <tbody>
    403 <tr>
    404 <td>0</td>
    405 <td>Apply GPR indexing to VSRC0 operand</td>
    406 </tr>
    407 <tr>
    408 <td>1</td>
    409 <td>Apply GPR indexing to VSRC1 operand</td>
    410 </tr>
    411 <tr>
    412 <td>2</td>
    413 <td>Apply GPR indexing to VSRC2 operand</td>
    414 </tr>
    415 <tr>
    416 <td>3</td>
    417 <td>Apply GPR indexing to VDST operand</td>
    418 </tr>
    419 </tbody>
    420 </table>