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Welcome to CLRadeonExtender

Currently, this project is low-level development tools (assembler, disassembler) for Radeon GPU's. Only Radeon with GCN architecture will be supported.

This package provides:

  • full GCN assembler with rich features (macros, symbol assignment, repetitions, many kernels)
  • full GCN disassembler
  • support for GCN 1.0/1.1/1.2/1.4 (AMD VEGA) (GCN 1.4 only since 0.1.4 version)
  • support for GCN 1.4.1 (AMD VEGA with Deep learning extensions)
  • support for GCN 1.5 (AMD NAVI, since 0.1.9 version)
  • support for AMD Catalyst binary (including OpenCL 2.0) format and GalliumCompute binary format
  • support HSA layout for AMD OpenCL 2.0 binary format (sine 0.1.8)
  • support for ROCm platform binary format (HSACO) (since 0.1.3)
  • standalone binary generator (for all binary formats)
  • CLRXWrapper which embeds assembler to AMD OpenCL implementation
  • supported operating systems: FreeBSD, Linux, Windows (since 0.1.1), Android (since 0.1.3)
  • supported Windows development environments: Visual Studio (since 0.1.1), Cygwin (since 0.1.5), MinGW (since 0.1.5).
  • works on big-endian architectures (such as PowerPC)
  • supported CPU architectures: ARM (32-bit), AArch64 (ARM 64-bit) (since 0.1.3), x86, x86-64
  • preliminary (untested) support for MIPS, IA-64, SPARC CPU architectures (since 0.1.8)

Donation: Please send donations to Bitcoin address: 3M6z45UGXgimFs3QGQgbmqVZzK9s3RnfLL

Contact: or (Mateusz Szpakowski)


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