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CLRadeonExtender CLRXWrapper

CLRXWrapper embeds and integrates the assembler into AMD Catalyst OpenCL implementation. It make possible to call an assembler from OpenCL applications. Assembler will be called when special build options will be added: -xasm or -x asm.


By default, CLRXWrapper is not enabled. To enable CLRX wrapper few step should be done:

  • remove amdocl32.icd or amdocl64.icd (if 64-bit systems) in /etc/OpenCL/vendors directory
  • write clrx.icd with content in /etc/OpenCL/vendors directory

Before below steps, we recommend to make copy of /etc/OpenCL/vendors directory.

Installation on Windows:

  • copy all CLRX libraries and CLRXWrapper into AMDAPP directory or OpenCL directory
  • run RegEdit and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Khronos\OpenCL\Vendors\
  • remove amdocl32.dll or amdocl64.dll key
  • add a DWORD CLRXWrapper.dll key with value 0
  • additionally, set system environment variable to path to CLRX_AMDOCL_PATH dynamic library

WARNING: CLRXWrapper has been tested under Linux. This part of CLRadeonExtender can behave very unexpectedly under Windows.

Additional build options

  • -xasm, -x asm

    compile program by using CLRX assembler


    Define symbol. Value is optional and if it is not given then assembler set 0 by default. This option can be occurred many times to defining many symbols.

  • -I PATH, -includePath=PATH

    Add an include path to search path list. Assembler begins search from current directory and follows to next include paths. This option can be occurred many times to adding many include paths.

  • -forceAddSymbols

    Add all non-local symbols to binaries. By default any assembler does not add any symbols to keep compatibility with original format.

  • -buggyFPLit

    Choose old and buggy floating point literals rules (to 0.1.2 version) for compatibility.

  • -oldModParam

    Choose old modifier parametrization that accepts only 0 and 1 values (to 0.1.5 version) for compatibility.

  • -noMacroCase Do not ignore letter's case in macro names (by default is ignored).

  • -w Do not print all warnings.

  • -legacy Force use legacy AMD Catalyst OpenCL 1.2 binary format instead AMD OpemCL 2.0.

  • -policy=VERSION Set CLRX assembler policy version.

Environment variables

  • CLRX_FORCE_ORIGINAL_AMDOCL=1|0 - enable forcing of the original AMDOCL
  • CLRX_AMDOCL_PATH=PATH - set path to AMDOCL library


Sample call: clBuildProgram(program, num_devices, devices, "-xasm", NULL, NULL);

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