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Gallium ABI description

This chapter describes how kernel gets its argument, how access to constant data.

In this chapter, size is given in dwords. Dword is 4-byte value.

Argument passing

Argument is stored in memory which address is stored in s[0:1]. Argument begins from 9 dword. First 9 dwords are:

  • 0-2 - number of groups for each dimension
  • 3-5 - global size for each dimension
  • 6-8 - local size for each dimension

Argument griddim holds number of dimensions. Argument gridoffset holds 3 values of the global offset.

Userdata tooks 4 first scalar registers and holds:

  • s[0:1] - address to argument list and kernel setup
  • s[2:3] - scratch address

Other data and resources

Section '.rodata' ('.globaldata') hold constant data for kernels. Constant data is placed after code of kernels. Use PC pointer to get this data.